Paint Correction is definitely our most popular service these days. With the ability to restore defected paint from swirl marks, minor scratching, fading, oxidation, water spots, and more, all in one process. It is easy to see why this service is so popular. 

What Is “Paint Correction?” 

In technical terms, Paint Correction is the process of very slowly and intentionally using a Variable Speed Dual Action Machine Polisher to remove defects from the surface of a vehicle’s clear coat paint, in combination with polishes and compounds to assist in the clearest result possible.

In basic terms, we polish your paint back to a clear and glossy surface using a variety of steps, processes, and products. 

What ISN’T Paint Correction?

There are plenty of common mistakes and misunderstandings when it comes to knowledge of Paint Correction. Let’s break down the most common. 

  • Paint Correction is not a painting service

This is a common misunderstanding for us. When you hear the words “Paint” and “Correction” together It can be easy to assume that it has something to do with painting the vehicle, when it actually does not.

Paint Correction does not involve any painting or even any rock chip filling or deep scratch filling. It is simply polishing the surface of the paint to Its best possible condition, without the need for painting.

  • Paint Correction is not a magical remedy for destroyed paint

If your paint is in very bad or even horrible condition, likely Paint Correction is not the best answer for your issue. While we can improve the condition of your paint, at a certain level it is just not worth the time and energy for minimal improvement. At that point, we highly recommend getting your vehicle re-painted or even vinyl wrapped.

  • Paint Correction is not the same for every vehicle 

Often times we are asked to do “what you did to my buddies truck” for a potential customer. This is a problem because every car has not only a different type of paint but a different condition too.

Every vehicle we correct undergoes a similar but distinctly different process. Some vehicles only need one stage of polishing to correct 90-95% of the paint Issues, while others require two or even three-plus stages to get the same result.

It all comes down to the current condition of your paint and the specific brand of your vehicle and what paint was used at the factory. With technical knowledge and understanding of this, we are able to correct a large variety of vehicles with confidence.

  • Paint Correction is not a forever solution

It is vital to understand that Paint Correction is not a permanent preventive for future damage. The issues it fixes are truly fixed, but they will happen again without proper care and paint protection in the future.

Paint Correction solves the issues on the paint, it does not add any surface protection. 

That Is why we always include a 6–12 month lasting premium paint sealant coating for all corrections to ensure a layer of gloss enhancing defense is in place. The best option after a correction is to get the ultimate paint protection, a Ceramic Coating.

How much does It cost?

At Spades, our Paint Corrections start as low as $995 and ranges upwards of $2,495+ for multi-step corrections. As you now understand a bit better, paint correction is a long process of technical and careful work.

In the end, we use a large variety of processes, products, and polishers to achieve the best possible result for each specific vehicle we see.