Exterior Detail - $295+

Thoroughly cleaning and detailing your vehicle's entire exterior and undercarriage. Paint, glass, metal, trim, wheels, plastics, suspension, undercarriage, running boards -- every surface on the exterior is cleaned, conditioned, and coated with a 6 Month Warrantied Ceramic Sealant. We take it a step further by lifting your vehicle on our professional auto lifts, removing your wheels, and truly deep cleaning every surface unlike any Exterior Detail you have ever received. Your entire exterior will shine, have outstanding protection for the price, and keep heads turning. Recommended re-service every 6 months for optimum protection and appearance enhancement. (Wheels are re-torqued to proper spec using Snap-On tools for the higest safety possible.)  Upcharges may apply for heavily soiled vehicles or over sized vehicles.


Interior Detail - $295+

The cockpit of your machine is where you spend your time enjoying your vehicle. Keeping the interior surfaces, cracks, and crevices clean results in a better driving experience. This process includes deep cleaning all of your interior surfaces, leathers, fabrics, vinyls, glasses, and plastics with a premium conditioning on all surfaces for a natural, OEM appearance and UV ray protection. Upcharges may apply for heavily soiled vehicles or over sized vehicles.


Complete Detail - $395+

When you want to deep clean and protect your entire vehicle -- ourComplete Detail accomplishes exactly that. This package inlcudeseverything from our Interior and Exterior Details while saving youover $100 compared to purchasing each service seperately. Enginebay detail is an optional add on for $75. Upcharges may apply forheavily soiled vehicles or over sized vehicles.


Paint Correction - $295-$2,495

Often known as "buffing," the correct term for the process of restoring paint is called Paint Correction. This process will bring your paint to the best possible condition by slowly removing scratching, swirl marks, fading, water spots, and other defects from your paint work. Resulting in incredibly deep gloss, clarity, and color vibrancy. We include a complimentary 6 Month Ceramic Sealant for basic protection after Correction. However, we strongly recommend upgrading to one of our Ceramic Paint Coatings for the ultimate protection, gloss enhancement, and optically brighter finish.

Enhancement 1 Step Polish - $295
(50% Paint Improvement)

2 Step Correction - $995
(90% Paint Improvement)

Complete Restoration - $1,495
(95% or more Paint Improvement)

ACE All Surface Correction - $2,495
(The Ultimate All Surface Improvement)

Additional charges may apply for wet sanding when needed.


Ceramic Paint Coating - $395-$2,495

Ceramic Coatings add powerfully durable protection to your paintwork while also enhancing the gloss and eliminating the need for waxing or sealants. With years of protection from UV damage, swirl mark resistance, chemical repellency, and self cleaning properties -- Ceramic Coatings are the solution for long term paint protection. We require  all Coating clients to purchase some level of Paint Correction prior to coating for the absolute best perfection and protection possible. Even if your vehicle is brand new, no other process creates as much gloss, clarity, or color vibrancy as Paint Correction -- not even Ceramic Coatings. Furthermore, Paint Correction will deep clean the surface of your paint and ensure a proper coating ready surface.

1 Year Coating: $395
3 Year Coating: $595
5 Year Coating: $795
ACE Lifetime Coating: $2,495


Interior Coating - $295

Our Interior Coating process includes a 1 year warrantied protection on all fabrics, leathers, plastics, vinyls, and glass. With such a wide variety of surfaces coated during this process, the benefits list goes on to protect your interior from stains, chemicals, harmful sunlight UV damage, messes, dye transfer, and even bacteria. With our specialized interior glass coating your windows will not fog nearly as often and will resist grime from vaping or smoking, keeping your glass looking great for much longer. All surfaces will be far easier to clean with the hydrophobic anti-chemical properties. This process requires our Interior Detail service prior for the best possible results and properly prepared surfaces.


Metal Polishing & Coating - $195+

Metal and chrome can look fantastic when polished properly. Using a messy and in depth hands on process with some of the best metal polishing products in the world, we achieve the best possible shine and restoration in your metal surfaces as possible. Nothing looks as good as freshly polished chrome. Pricing can vary greatly here, depending on the condition and amount of metal you need polished. It's best to reach out to us for a specific quote on all metal polishing. Includes full Metal & Chrome Ceramic Coating.


Glass Polishing & Coating- $295

Often overlooked by traditional detailers and owners alike -- the glass of your vehicle plays a critical role in safety and appearance. Crystal clear glass can only be achieved via a proper glass polishing process using innovative products and tools specifically designed for glass restoration. This process results in clear, smooth to the touch glass, and makes nighttime driving a much safer experience. Includes a 2 Year Warrantied Ceramic Glass Coating on all exterior glass.


Wheel Polishing & Coating - $395

Driving around with pristine paint can quickly highlight your dirty wheels. With our Wheel Polishing and Ceramic Coating process, we will bring your wheels to the best possible condition and apply our thickest ceramic coating available. Resisting road grime and stubborn brake dust, cleaining your wheels will be a breeze, and they'll look phenomenal. Pricing starts for 4 wheels. Complimentary wheel  removal and installation is included. We always properly torque your wheels to spec using Snap-On tools to ensure the highest grade of safety possible. Additional $75 per extra wheel after a set of 4.


Plastic Trim Restore & Coating - $95+

Using only the highest grade plastic restoritation speciality products avaliable -- we can restore your faded plastic trim while also adding years of durable protection into the plastics themselves. Restores a dark color, does not contain dye unless needed, and protects from future fading damage. Starting at $95, extra charges may apply for large surface areas. 


Ceramic Window Tint - $295+

With protection against sunlight UV damage, cooler cabin, and appearance enhancement, Ceramic Window Tint is the best solution in window film technology. Installed by our third party partner company at their location. We handle secure transport while your vehicle is with us, protected by a $2 million insurance policy. Backed by the Spades Satisfaction Guarantee and Installer Lifetime Warranty.

Full Tint: $295+
Windshield Tint: $175+


Paint Protection Film - $1195+

Outstanding protection against rock chips, scratching, sun damage, and essentially anything the road throws at it -- Paint Protection FIlm is the ultimate paint protection. With projectile absorbtion, self healing technology, and chemical resistance, there is no better solution to protecting your vehicle. Installed by our third party partner company at their lcoation. We handle secure transport and logisitics for you while your vehicle is with us. Protected by a $2 million insurance policy.

1/2 Front End: $1195+

Full Front End: $1495+






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