Protecting your vehicle's wheels properly can come in several shapes and forms. From waxes to sealants and advanced ceramic coating technology. We specialize in the latter, simply because comparatively the nano chemistry of our ceramic wheel coating is unmatched in terms of durability, protection capability, and performance overall from any traditional waxes, sealants, or even other brands of ceramic coating.

With our Wheel Polishing and Ceramic Coating process, we will bring your wheels to the best possible condition and apply our thickest ceramic coating available. Resisting road grime and stubborn brake dust, cleaning your wheels will be a breeze, and they'll look phenomenal.

The impressive capability of our coating specifically, which is FEYNLAB Wheel & Caliper, is due to the extremely high solids content of the coating, featuring 70% high solids designed to stand up to the daily beating and harsh environment of road contamination and brake dust.

Having FEYNLAB Wheel & Caliper installed ensures protection from the following:

  • Sunlight UV Damage
  • Oxidation
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Minor Scratch and Swirl Resistance
  • Brake Dust and Iron Deposits
  • Road Grime and Dirt
  • High Heat

To find a Spades studio nearest you, visit our Studio Locator page or find an independent FEYNLAB Certified Detailer by clicking here.