If you are new to the detailing industry and or haven't ever purchased a professional detailing service before, you may be surprised to hear the pricing from your local detailer. You may even ask, why are professional detailers so expensive? Much of this issue comes from competing industries crowding the market with cheap services and products, such as tunnel car washes and store brand detailing products.

It's important to first understand that a true professional detailer has dedicated years of time and experience to attain their professionalism level. Many professionals, such as us at Spades Motorsports in Las Vegas, are Certified Detailers through the International Detailing Association. Becoming certified requires a $400 fee, proven knowledge and understanding of all detailing aspects such as chemicals, tools, methods, paint correction, ceramic coatings, and professionalism. Certified Detailers renew their certification every 2 years and sign a pledge to provide the upmost professionalism and agree to the IDA code of ethics.

Many detailers have years of experience deep cleaning, perfecting, and protecting a wide variety of vehicles including boats, planes, cars, trucks, SUVS, motorcycles, and even RVs. Beyond detailing knowledge, a professional offers guarantees, insurance, and warranties to their customers that secure both sides of each transaction. This time, experience, and warranties increase the cost of operation for each professional and will in turn create a higher price for services rendered by a professional.

We've established a long line of experience, professionalism, and knowledge is the base of every professional. But just like any other industry, there is many more factors at play. Some examples include professional grade detailing products and tools that come at a premium price, employee salary, shop and or mobile detail rig payments, insurance costs, and time dedicated are all factors that create a genuine need for higher pricing compared to a quick "detail" from a car wash or someone that offers detailing services on the side.

As professionals, we take great pride in all of our work and never compromise on a customers vehicle. This means we use only the highest grade products in the world, train our staff to the highest level, and have a never ending commitment to education and excellence. Because of this, our pricing will always be higher than the driveway detailers of the market, but for good reason. With it comes trust, experience, and professionalism that protects your purchase.