Professional Grade Ceramic Coatings are not only one of the most convenient ways to protect your vehicle, they are also the most durable form of ceramic protection for your vehicle. Professional Coatings contain a thicker formula of premium ingredients that result in higher gloss, stronger protection, and longer durability and ceramic coating life over time.

We offer a full lineup of professional only ceramic coatings that do exactly that in our Las Vegas studio. When compared to store brand or even online brand coatings -- nothing has the benefits of a truly professional grade ceramic coating. CarPro cQuartz is the finest example of a professional grade coating that requires an in-depth training and certification process to install and offer to customers, these coatings cannot be purchased by consumers and can only be installed by an accredited professional who took the time to invest in training, experience, and premium products.

Consumer grade coatings are great for quick and easy basic protection. You can buy these coatings online or at your local automotive store. However, it is important to note that this "coatings" are often heavily diluted and not anywhere near as powerful as a professional coating.

Beyond the level of protection you receive with a pro grade coating over a consumer coating, you also get a much longer life time out of your coating. Consumer coating last anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months depending on the product you are using. Sometimes even 2-3 years out of a high end consumer coating. Meanwhile, pro grades last upwards of 5-10+ years and are fully covered by warranties from the coating manufacturer and the detailer who installed your coating, giving you peace of mind if any coating failures or issues arise over the years.

When you want perfection and protection that lasts, you go with a Spades professional grade ceramic coating.