Often known as "buffing," paint correction is the process of refining automotive paintwork using a machine polisher to remove scratching, swirls, fading, and other paint damage. Often times we are asked if a new vehicle needs any polishing or paint correction prior to applying a ceramic coating. The answer is: It can absolutely help create a better appearance but isn't necessarily required.

Even new vehicles will have some amount of scratching in the paintwork due to improper washing methods done by auto dealerships and sometimes even from the factory or transport from the factory to the dealership. Because of this, it is generally a good idea to remove any defects you can prior to having a professional grade ceramic coating installed on your new vehicle.

Furthermore, no detailing process creates as much gloss, clarity, and depth as a proper paint correction process, not even ceramic coatings or waxing. With that in mind -- you may want a minor paint correction done on your new vehicle to enhance the finish to the best possible condition, even if the surface doesn't have much or any scratching/swirl marks.

We have had many customers surprised by how much pearl is actually in their vehicle's paintwork that they simply didn't see before paint correction. Paint Correction does create a better than new gloss and clarity that just cannot be beat by any other method.