Washing a vehicle properly with a rinse-less method is a great water saving way to properly cleanse a vehicle without the need of a pressure washer. The general principle and methodology is the same as a standard 2 bucket wash process. Below is the Spades designed method for using a Rinseless Wash process on an already ceramic coated vehicle. This is the same process our team uses at all of our world class studio locations along with the exact products we use.

Items Needed are all from Obsessed Garage with the exception of FEYNLAB Rinseless, which can be purchased directly through FEYNLAB. Listed Below:

  • Three 6 Gallon Wash Buckets W/Caddies
  • Three Grit Guards
  • Lamb Wheel Mitt
  • Lug Nut Brush
  • Detail Factory Curveball Brush
  • Detail Factory Tire Brush - Obsessed Garage
  • Large and Small EZ Wheel Brushes
  • Aerator (Filled w/ diluted Brake Buster)
  • FEYNLAB Rinseless Wash
  • Obsessed Garage Drying Aid
  • CarPro Perl -
  • P&S Brake Buster (Spray Bottle)
  • Wash Mitt
  • High Pile Drying Towel (Gray)
  • Low Pile Drying Towel (Orange)
  • Water hose/Pressure Washer/Aerator

1. Start by filling three 6 gallon buckets ½ (3 gallons) full of clean water. Add grit guards to each bucket along with 1 ounce of FEYNLAB Rinseless (Or Other Rinseless Product as directed) into the designated WASH bucket along with a clean Wash Mitt.

2. Add a Lug Nut Brush, Large and Small Wheel Brushes, Tire Brush, and Lambskin Wheel Mitt into the designated WHEEL bucket along with ½ ounce of FEYNLAB Rinseless. Place an aerator on the edge of the bucket pre-filled and diluted with P&S Brake Buster and water.

WASH (A) bucket is for Rinseless and RINSE (B) bucket is for rinsing your wash mitt/brush in between panels. 

3. Clean the wheels and tires. Use the aerator filled with diluted P&S Brake Buster to saturate the entire wheel, tire, and the wheel wells. Use the EZ Detail Brush to agitate the inner barrels of the wheels followed by the wheel wells. Next, use the lambskin wash mitt to gently cleanse the faces and spokes of the wheel.

Finally, spray Brake Buster directly onto the tire via a spray bottle (full strength) and use the Tire Brush to agitate the sidewalls of the tire. Rinse off the entire area (depending on circumstances, use a hose, pressure washer, or water filled aerator to rinse) and immediately spray one time directly onto the wheel/tire with Obsessed Garage Drying Aid and dry off the entire wheel and sidewall of the tire with a Grey High Pile Wheel Drying Towel. Dress the tires with CarPro Perl using a Curveball Brush.

After all 4 tires are dressed and 2-5 minutes (set time for Perl to penetrate rubber) has passed since dressing the final tire, come back with dark colored utility towel or other scrap towel to gently wipe off access dressing from the tire.

4. Pop the hood without fully opening it, ensure the vehicle is unlocked and accessible. Place the key on your cart. With the WASH and RINSE buckets, use your mitt from the WASH bucket to start on the roof and work your way down, prioritize cleaner areas first as to avoid building up contaminates and dirt into your wash mitt. Gently glide the wash mitt across the panel with a slight overlap, always go in the direction of the body panels, avoid washing vertically up and down.

Generally, if indoors you can do 2-3 panels at once, in cooler months or in temperature controlled environments, you can do an entire half of a vehicle at once. Outdoors or in higher temperatures, only do one panel at a time.

Tips: Use the added brush to clean out emblems, cracks, and grills. Be sure to wash all door jambs, hood jambs, trunk jambs, and inner gas door. (Don’t forget to dry them as well.) Raise windshield wipers in order to clean the cowl and entire windshield. Use an EZ Wheel Brush to clean inner exhaust tips and around them. Rinse off the EZ brush after each use.

5. Next, dry off the washed panels using the Gray High Pile Drying Towel. Immediately after, spray a fine mist of Obsessed Garage Drying Aid directly over the washed panels. (Drying Aid is safe on all surfaces including paint, glass, plastic trim, chrome, etc.) Use a Orange Low Pile Drying Towel to wipe away the Drying Aid and remove any streaks.

6. Repeat on remainder of vehicle until all panels have been washed and dried. Finally, pull the vehicle into sunlight or good lighting for an inspection walk around and touch ups. Use a clean high pile microfiber towel to wipe off remaining streaks on all surfaces. Distilled Water may be used if needed.

Now your vehicle has been properly washed your coating is properly cleansed, enjoy the experience of driving clean and protected properly.