Driving in the rain can be a dangerous experience when your windshield is sheeting water and doesn’t have proper protection installed. Often times making it difficult to see the road, hazards, and pedestrians. The solution to this problem is Ceramic Glass Coating. This advanced nano technology creates immense water behavior and protection from the elements.

This process consists of two steps. The first step in the process is a full glass polishing deep cleansing process, which removes surface grime, contamination, and water spots resulting in naked glass surface, ready for coating installation. This step is vital to ensure the pores of your glass are decontaminated and allows for optimal bonding of the ceramic glass coating.

Next we will meticulously apply the coating. FEYNLAB Window Coating is a professional grade glass coating featuring an ultra-durable, slick, and hydrophobic finish. The coating will form a physical bond with the glass, meaning the integrity of the coating with the glass is incredibly difficult to break, resulting in a durable and long-lasting coating. 

Expected durability will include many variables such as abrasion to the surface and chemical exposure. You can expect up to one year of durability for your windshield and two plus years on the side glass and back glass. 

Not only will all of your exterior glass be properly protected and bead water, it will result in a safer driving experience, higher optical clarity, and easier cleaning thanks to the self cleaning and chemical rejecting nature of the coating.

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