Ceramic Coatings are without a doubt one of the best solutions to keeping your vehicle looking like new for years to come. It is also without a doubt one of the most misunderstood services and products on the market.

What really is a Ceramic Coating? 

To be technical, a Ceramic Coating is a resin nano technology that chemically bonds to the paint of your vehicle to form a layer of protection and sealant.

In plain English, the Ceramic Coating attaches itself to your vehicle’s paint and creates a hardened layer of protection and shine.

What does a Ceramic Coating do?

  • Resists chemicals, mud, and general grime
  • Prevents UV damage such as fading and oxidation
  • Prevents (not completely protects from) swirl marks
  • Creates a slick surface with enhanced shine and gloss
  • Prevents chemical stains and etching
  • Makes cleaning simpler and faster, thanks to the hydrophobic properties the coating heavily resists chemicals, grime, and contaminants
  • Eliminates the need for traditional waxes and or paint sealants

Do all vehicles need a paint correction polishing before application?

Whether your paint is like new or needs some love, we will correct it to the best condition possible using a multi-step machine polishing process that removes swirls, minor scratching, oxidation, and water spots for a near-perfect finish included and required for your coating. This is a vital step on cars new and old alike to ensure the best possible surface before the ceramic is applied.

Remember, you won't be able to fix paint imperfections after the layer of ceramic is applied. It is always important to handle these issues before application.

How much do Ceramic Coatings cost? 

That is without a doubt the most common Ceramic Coating question detailers get. The answer is that it mostly depends on the condition of your paint. 

In general, you can expect to pay a professional anywhere from $500–5,000+ for a full Ceramic Coating.

For our customers here in Las Vegas, our prices start as low as $995 for a Paint Correction and 1 Year Ceramic Coating. Our most common Ceramic sale is in the $1495 range for a multi-step correction and 5 Year Ceramic Coating package. These packages are for the exterior paint only. Expect to pay more for trim, glass, plastic, interior, and or metal coatings.

Plus, all of our coatings are backed by the coating manufacturer warranty, our Craftsmanship Satisfaction Guarantee, and our Ceramic Coating Warranty. We will always do whatever it takes to ensure you are happy with your purchase and that your coating is performing as expected.

Common Myths and Misconceptions About Ceramic Coatings

  • Myth: Ceramic Coatings stop all scratches and swirls from happening

While Ceramic Coatings certainly will resist many minor scratches and swirl marks, they simply don’t have the strength to stop all of them. The only true protection from scratching is a Clear Bra wrap.

  • Myth: Ceramic Coatings don’t require any maintenance 

Ceramic Coated vehicles absolutely still require cleaning and maintenance. Luckily, this process does become significantly faster and easier with a coating. Proper washing and care will extend the life of your coating and keep it looking amazing.

We recommend hand washing for best results. Adding Adam’s Polishes Ceramic Boost Spray every 4–5 washes before drying and after washing, will increase the shine and durability of any ceramic coating and is highly recommended but not required by any means.

  • Myth: Ceramic Coatings are completely permanent and cannot be removed

All Ceramic Coatings can be removed, albeit, not always easily. Depending on the strength of a coating, it can be removed by a machine polisher or for heavier duty coatings, via wet sanding.

  • Myth: Ceramic Coatings are very easy to apply

While the actual application process for most ceramic coating products is relatively simple, the preparation process and product knowledge that comes into play can be far more complicated and make it quite easy to make a mistake.

Like much in the automotive world, most of the work Is In the preparation process. The more time, focus, and knowledge used in the prep work will make all of the difference in the results of your coating.

  • Myth: Ceramic Coatings provide more gloss/shine than glazes, waxes, or paint sealants

This is not necessarily true. While Ceramic Coatings can add a significant amount of gloss and shine, that is not to say you can't reach a similar or even higher level of shine with traditional products. The advantage is, however, that you won't need to re-apply every few weeks — months with a ceramic coating, the way you do with traditional waxes, glazes, and sealants.

In the end, Ceramic Coatings are the best option for keeping your entire vehicle’s finish looking like new. With Paint, Metal, Plastic, Interior, and even Glass Ceramic Coatings available, you can have your car looking like new for years to come with a Ceramic Coating.