Protecting your vehicle from the harsh Las Vegas sun, elements of the road, and general wear has never been more streamlined or professional than it is today. With modern Ceramic Coating technology, highly trained detailers, and world class products -- we can achieve the best possible protection for all of your vehicle's surfaces, inside and out.

Our specialized products are specifically developed to semi-permanently bond to the specific surface we are coating. Such as paint, glass, plastic, leather, and even glass. This coatings create a crystal clear layer of protection and immense appearance enhancement that does not wash off and lasts for years, not weeks. Below is a break down of the protection you can expect for some of your surfaces.

Ceramic Paint Coatings are by far our most popular coating and for good reason. The paintwork of your vehicle is what everyone notices first and its what makes up the entire appearance of your ride. Ensuring proper protection and gloss for your paint shows that you care for your vehicle, keeps the paintwork protection, and results in a stunning appearance. Blocking UV rays, chemicals, and resisting scratching.

Your leather takes a lot of wear over the years. From clothing dye to abrasion from getting in and out of the vehicle, you want to ensure your leather is properly hydrated and protected. We achieve this with a specialized leather coating formula that adds a layer of OEM appearance protection to your leather surfaces. Preventing staining, resisting chemicals, and leaving a like new finish.

These professional grade coatings offer extreme durability and incredible enhancement, all installed by our automotive experts. You can view our full service list and browse all of the surfaces we can perfect and protect for you by clicking here.

Ensure you are driving with all of your vehicle's surfaces perfected and protected with ceramic coating protection.