Our highly trained Certified Installers only install FEYNLAB professional grade ceramic nano coatings, with a full range of surface specific coatings.


Chemical Resistance

Water Repellency

Durable Sunscreen

Long Lasting Durability

Slick & Glossy

Easy Maintenance


FEYNLAB Ceramic Coatings add powerfully durable protection to your paintwork while also enhancing the gloss and eliminating the need for waxing or sealants. With years of protection from UV damage, swirl mark resistance, chemical repellency, and self cleaning properties.



FEYNLAB Ceramic Coatings are the solution for long term all surface protection. We install coatings specifically designed for every surface of your machine. Browse our coating offerings below and find frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page.





**All coatings include a complimentary Light Enhancement Polish prior to coating. We highly recommend upgrading to one of our advanced Paint Correction services prior to having our professional grade coatings installed for maxium cosmetic enhancement.**


Ceramic Ultra is the highest level of protection offered by FEYNLAB outside of their self healing products with a 5 Year Warranty. Ultra forms a lattice structure of silica, silicon-nitride and silicon-carbide. This flexible coating exhibits great scratch resistance, gloss, and hydrophobicity. Includes Light Enhancement Polish and Paint Decontamination Detail.


CERAMIC V3 - $995+
Ceramic V3 is a thick protective  coating engineered for extreme durability and protection with a 3 Year Warranty. Adding intense gloss and protection from chemicals, UV, heat, and light swirl marks due to the slick to the touch surface. Includes Light Enhancement Polish and Paint Decontamination Detail.


The Original Ceramic is one of the most installed coatings in the world. With over 60,000 real world installations, The Original Ceramic is a tried and true 1 Year Warranty coating with exceptional gloss and protection while remaining highly attainable at a low cost. Includes Light Enhancement Polish and Paint Decontamination Detail.


FEYNLAB Ceramic Wheel & Caliper is a true barrier of protection against the high heat elements your wheels face on a daily basis. Resisting brake dust, road grime, and UV damage exceptionally well. This unique formulation is our thickest coating avalialble, required for proper protection in a high heat enviroment and for the variety of different wheel finishes. Includes entire set of 4 wheels and painted brake calipers. Opt for wheel faces only at $395.


FEYNLAB Ceramic Window Coating provides outstanding chemical and water resitance for all of your exterior glass. Instantly beading with impressive water behavior that results in a safer driving experience with greater optical clarity. Glass Cleaning will become significantly easier with a high gloss and slick to the touch finish while protecting from harmful UV rays and reducing the chance of water spotting. Opt for windshield only at $195.


An often overlooked surface is the pourous plastic trim on the exterior of your vehicle. These surfaces are highly susceptible to absorbing harmful sunlight UV rays, causing premature degrading of the surface and resulting in fading and oxidation occuring. Once this damage occurs, the finish will seemingly add years of aging to the cosmetic appearance of your car. With FEYNLAB Plastic Ceramic Coating, your faded trim will be restored and properly protected.


FEYNLAB Overcoat is a best in class ceramic top coat. This dual layer coating add-on can be installed on top of any of our other FEYNLAB coatings and even on other brands of coatings. Overcoat results in maximum hydrophobicity and self cleaning properties while ensuring the thickest possible ceramic coating protection.  


CarPro Leather 2.0 provides outstanding and unique protection benefits to all of your interior hard surfaces. Including leather, vinyl, plastic, and pleather. Enjoy peace of mind protection against stains, spills, UV damage, and dye transfer. Opt for seats only at $95/seat. Includes Decon Interior Detail.


This ultra hydrophobic fabric ceramic coating protects you interior carpets, headliners, suede, alcantara, and even your soft top. Offering the same professional grade UV, stain, spill, and chemical protection of all our coatings.  Includes fabric decon detail.


FEYNLAB Ceramic Matte Coating provides an enriching and durable protective coating for all of your painted, vinyl, and PPF matte/satin surfaces. Includes decontamination detail and surface preparation.


What is a Ceramic Coating?
To be technical, a Ceramic Coating is a resin nano technology that chemically bonds to the paint of your vehicle to form a layer of protection and sealant. In plain English, the Ceramic Coating attaches itself to your vehicle’s paint and creates a hardened layer of protection and shine.

How long do Ceramic Coatings last?
With a wide variety of Ceramic Coating products on the market today, from consumer to professional grade, the answer can vary greatly dependant on the product used, preparation process, environment of the vehicle, and maintenance care. Our FEYNLAB coatings are designed to last anywhere from 1 year to 5+ years dpeending on the coating you have installed and how you care for the vehicle. With proper maintenance and care, your coating can absolutely outlive it's warranty period.

What do Ceramic Coatings protect from?
Ceramic Coatings provide outstanding protection from the elements such as UV sunlight damage, oxidation, fading, resists chemicals, mud, and general grime. Your coating will even prevent chemical stains and etching, make cleaning easier and faster, and thanks to the hydrophobic properties, the coating heavily resists chemicals, grime, and contaminants. Our high end professional grade coatings even resist minor swirl marks by creating an ultra slick to the touch surface.

Are there different types of Ceramic Coatings?
There are many different types of Ceramic Coatings, the biggest difference will be if the coating is a consumer grade or professional grade coating. Consumer grade coatings will be easier to use and install -- but will lack the high end protection aspects of a professional grade coating installed by a trained and certified detailer. Overall, a professional grade coating will provide maximum protection and a significantly stronger bond to the paint system. Finally, when installed by a professional, you are backed by manufacturer and installer warranties plus the peace of mind that an expert installed your coating properly.

Do I still have to wash my car?
Absolutely, yes. Ceramic Coatings are not a magic shield and require proper maintenance and care, just as the paint of your vehicle does. Ceramic Coatings will however make the washing process faster and easier than ever thanks to the hydrophobic properties of the coating and the significant chemical resistance. To make this process even easier, we offer an Unlimited Maintenance Wash Program starting at $150/month for all of your coated vehicles. 

What makes your coatings different than other coatings on the market?
We are proud trained and Certified Installers of FEYNLAB Ceramic Coatings. What makes FEYNLAB unique is their nano technology and coating chemistry, in fact, FEYNLAB developed The Original Ceramic Coating for automotive paint protection and has been improving their theories and formulas ever since. Resulting in the world's deepest bonding ceramic nano coatings that achieve incredible durability and high gloss.


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Every ceramic coating we install is backed by an all inclusive coating warranty. Your purchase is fully covered from any coating failures, lack of performance, or early deterioration. We take it a step further by allowing complimentary re-coating of any body panels that become damaged in an accident or if you ever have a panel re-painted, we will re-coat complimentary under your warranty.




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