Paint Protection Film, often referred to as "clearbra" or "PPF" is a thermoplastic urethane plastic film that can be installed onto automotive painted surfaces to provide the highest level of paint protection possible for both new and used vehicles.

Paint Protection Film is the ultimate barrier of protection with the ability to stop rock chips, scratching, swirl marks, bug splatters, chemical etching, UV damage oxidation, and minor abrasion from occuring on your vehicle's paint. 

Our films feature an unmatched level of impact resistance and an industry leading 8 Mil thickness. Comparatively, your vehicle's clear coat is only 1.5-2 Mils thick. The end result is the most durable paint protection available.

Our primary protection film boasts a unique zero orange peel texture with an optically bright crystal clear finish. This ensures the gloss of your paint is never compromised, featuring advanced UV protection that prevents yellowing and fading of the film over time.

Modern Paint Protection Films can last anywhere from 8-12+ years depending on the manufacturer, film type, and mainteance of the film once installed. All of our film installations include a comprehensive 10 Year Warranty at no additional charge. However, with proper storage and care of the vehicle, you can absoutely ensure your film outlasts this warranty period. In fact, for the best possible protection you can have any of our Ceramic Paint Coatings installed directly over the film for addition sunlight UV, chemicals, and wear protection.

Thanks to the modern ceramic nano technology that is devloped into our protection films, the yellowing and fading effect of lesser films is non-existant for all of our films, guaranteed. Discoloration is covered under our 10 Year PPF Warranty at no additional charge.

With our film and coating combination specifically, we can create the ultimate level of protection and extend the life of your PPF dramatically with this combination. We HIGHLY recommend purchasing both PPF and Ceramic Coating for your new or used vehicle if you want to ensure it looks as new as possible or even better than new for years to come. In fact, this is our most popular service package.

Our most popular booking is our Full Front End PPF and KING Ceramic Coating Packages, these superb products combine to provide the height of paint protection plus outstanding protection for all of your exterior surfaces.