March 11, 2023

The Newest Generation of Ceramic Coating is Here

FEYNLAB, the global leader in innovative automotive nano technology, announced the newest evolution of their highest grade professional ceramic coating. Ceramic Ultra V2 is replacing our most popular coating, Ceramic Ultra V1.

This coating is now included with our ACE, FULL HOUSE, and KING Ceramic Coating Packages. Ultra V2 is available as a standalone paint coating as well starting at $1295. No price increase or extra fees.

Ceramic Ultra V2 is a game-changer in the world of automotive protection, offering a never-seen-before solution that combines a patent pending biphasal technology with long-lasting protection and wide range of benefits for your vehicle.

The integration of a basecoat and topcoat in one product provides enhanced depth of color and a hydrophobic surface for easy cleaning, while the unique chemistry ensures that your vehicle remains in excellent condition for years to come.

This innovative technology establishes a new standard in the automotive industry. Get ready to experience the benefits of a ceramic coating that truly stands out.

Video credit: FEYNLAB

FEYNLAB describes Ceramic Ultra V2:

"When it comes to car protection, the Feynlab Ceramic Ultra V2 stands out as a unique and innovative solution. This is thanks to its Biphasal Technology, which expertly integrates two critical components – a basecoat and a topcoat – into one cohesive product. This method allows for a thicker and more robust layer of protection, enhancing the depth and richness of your car’s color, while also creating a hydrophobic surface that is easy to clean and maintain.

When it comes to car protection, the Feynlab Ceramic Ultra V2 stands out as a unique and innovative solution. This is thanks to its Biphasal Technology, which expertly integrates two critical components – a basecoat and a topcoat – into one cohesive product. This method allows for a thicker and more robust layer of protection, enhancing the depth and richness of your car’s color, while also creating a hydrophobic surface that is easy to clean and maintain.

The Ceramic Ultra V2 provides long-lasting protection that can withstand the harsh elements of everyday driving, ensuring that your car looks and feels great for years to come. With its unique Biphasal technology, the Ceramic Ultra V2 creates a deep and lustrous shine that is sure to turn heads, while also delivering the kind of robust protection that drivers need to keep their vehicles in top condition. What this means for you and your car is a level of protection that is second to none.

Feynlab Ultra V2 provides a superior level of shine and slickness that is unmatched in the industry, while also delivering self-cleaning benefits. The integrated topcoat technology in Ultra V2 creates a hydrophobic layer that repels water and other harmful elements, keeping your vehicle looking cleaner for longer periods of time.

Although Ultra V2 provides exceptional self-cleaning benefits on its own, applying Feynlab Overcoat V3 enhances the coating’s extreme hydrophobicity, high gloss, and self-cleaning properties even further. This results in a car that is not only ultra-glossy and slick, but even easier to clean and maintain. Dirt and grime won’t stick to the surface as much, making cleaning a breeze. So, you can enjoy a cleaner and shinier looking car for extended periods, while also experiencing the ultimate in ceramic coating technology. Say goodbye to tedious cleaning routines and hello to a vehicle that looks and feels like new!

Feynlab has gone above and beyond to secure an exclusive patent for the Ceramic Ultra V2 to protect its distinctive technology and chemistry. We are confident that this product will establish a new standard in the auto detailing and car protection industries and offer car owners a never-seen-before durable and efficient solution."

January 14, 2023

What is the best solution for long term paint protection?

Paint Protection Film, often referred to as "clearbra" or "PPF" is a thermoplastic urethane plastic film that can be installed onto automotive painted surfaces to provide the highest level of paint protection possible for both new and used vehicles.

Paint Protection Film is the ultimate barrier of protection with the ability to stop rock chips, scratching, swirl marks, bug splatters, chemical etching, UV damage oxidation, and minor abrasion from occuring on your vehicle's paint. 

Our films feature an unmatched level of impact resistance and an industry leading 8 Mil thickness. Comparatively, your vehicle's clear coat is only 1.5-2 Mils thick. The end result is the most durable paint protection available.

Our primary protection film boasts a unique zero orange peel texture with an optically bright crystal clear finish. This ensures the gloss of your paint is never compromised, featuring advanced UV protection that prevents yellowing and fading of the film over time.

Modern Paint Protection Films can last anywhere from 8-12+ years depending on the manufacturer, film type, and mainteance of the film once installed. All of our film installations include a comprehensive 10 Year Warranty at no additional charge. However, with proper storage and care of the vehicle, you can absoutely ensure your film outlasts this warranty period. In fact, for the best possible protection you can have any of our Ceramic Paint Coatings installed directly over the film for addition sunlight UV, chemicals, and wear protection.

Thanks to the modern ceramic nano technology that is devloped into our protection films, the yellowing and fading effect of lesser films is non-existant for all of our films, guaranteed. Discoloration is covered under our 10 Year PPF Warranty at no additional charge.

With our film and coating combination specifically, we can create the ultimate level of protection and extend the life of your PPF dramatically with this combination. We HIGHLY recommend purchasing both PPF and Ceramic Coating for your new or used vehicle if you want to ensure it looks as new as possible or even better than new for years to come. In fact, this is our most popular service package.

Our most popular booking is our Full Front End PPF and KING Ceramic Coating Packages, these superb products combine to provide the height of paint protection plus outstanding protection for all of your exterior surfaces.

September 5, 2022

The Importance of Proper Ceramic Coating Protection

Ceramic Nano Technology is the leading all surface protectant for all of your automotive, motorcycle, marine, and recreational vehicles. With the latest advancements in ceramic coating technology and the impressive capability of FEYNLAB specific coatings — driving protected and keeping your machines looking phenomenal has never been more essential. 

FEYNLAB Ceramic Protection will introduce a variety of protection benefits to every surface of your vehicle while protecting from the leading causes of pre-mature wear of the surfaces and the ability to stand up to the barrage of contaminates your machine faces every day.

Below is a breakdown of the primary benefits of any of our Ceramic Coatings for all makes, models, and substrate types. You can browse all of our coating offerings by clicking here.

The below descriptions and writings are copyright of FEYNLAB INC.

Chemical Resistance
FEYNLAB Ceramic Coatings give your vehicle’s surfaces advanced chemical protection from foreign elements and environmental contaminates such as bird droppings, acid rain, insect stains, brake dust, road grime, tar, and many other everyday pollutants. 

Water Repellency
Our Ceramic Coatings create an ultra hydrophobic, slick, and smooth finish. This hydrophobic layer keeps your vehicle looking clean longer and makes washing and drying immensely faster.

Durable Sunscreen
These Ceramic Coatings act as your vehicle’s sunscreen, dispersing over 99% of UVA & UVB rays, offering a broad spectrum of UB protection, effectively stopping oxidation and paint fading before it starts.

Long Lasting Durability
The high ratio of silicon nitride (SiN) and silicon carbide (SiC) present in FEYNLAB’s formulation adds incredible strength and durability to your vehicle’s protection, meaning you wont need toppers, waxes, or sealants for years to come.

Slick & Glossy
No other product on the market offers the same level of gloss and shine as FEYNLAB Ceramic Coatings. The best part is this gloss lasts for years and makes your car look freshly waxed after a simple wash.

Easy Maintenance The ceramic topcoat prevents staining and environmental contaminates from attaching to your vehicle, making clean-up and maintenance as easy as a simple wash or rinse off.


Now that you understand exactly what our professional grade Ceramic Coatings can protect from, you can learn all about our primary coating offerings and get simple straight forward pricing here. You can also look for one of our world class studios nearest you by clicking here.

September 1, 2022

Driving In The Rain Safely With Ceramic Glass Coating

Driving in the rain can be a dangerous experience when your windshield is sheeting water and doesn’t have proper protection installed. Often times making it difficult to see the road, hazards, and pedestrians. The solution to this problem is Ceramic Glass Coating. This advanced nano technology creates immense water behavior and protection from the elements.

This process consists of two steps. The first step in the process is a full glass polishing deep cleansing process, which removes surface grime, contamination, and water spots resulting in naked glass surface, ready for coating installation. This step is vital to ensure the pores of your glass are decontaminated and allows for optimal bonding of the ceramic glass coating.

Next we will meticulously apply the coating. FEYNLAB Window Coating is a professional grade glass coating featuring an ultra-durable, slick, and hydrophobic finish. The coating will form a physical bond with the glass, meaning the integrity of the coating with the glass is incredibly difficult to break, resulting in a durable and long-lasting coating. 

Expected durability will include many variables such as abrasion to the surface and chemical exposure. You can expect up to one year of durability for your windshield and two plus years on the side glass and back glass. 

Not only will all of your exterior glass be properly protected and bead water, it will result in a safer driving experience, higher optical clarity, and easier cleaning thanks to the self cleaning and chemical rejecting nature of the coating.

Find your nearest Spades studio by clicking here or find a FEYNLAB Certified Installer here.

August 29, 2022

How Automatic Car Washes Damage Your Paint

Automatic car washes are quick and easy solutions to get your dirty car clean in minutes. They tend to be cheap alternatives and time savers compared to setting time aside to hand wash your vehicle on hot summer days. Although they are convenient, they will cause damage that outweighs the benefits of convenience. The biggest culprit of damaging your paint in automatic car washes are the spinning brushes and rubber brussels used to clean your car.  They are spinning at a high rate against your paint which is a very unnecessary amount of friction that is known to cause scratching, swirl marks, and even breaking parts off of a vehicle in severe cases. 

The general rule of removing dirt off your vehicle is to keep the amount of friction against your paint to a minimum, even when you’re hand washing your car with a mitt. A few low pressure passes is usually sufficient enough to remove loose dirt per panel in order to minimize the amount of possible swirl marks on your paint. Fast spinning contaminated brushes result in the micro-scratching of your paint or ceramic coating. Over time, drive-thru car washes will create spiral-like scratches on your paint surface. This will degrade the performance of your ceramic coating and/or damage your clear coat.

Even at a touchless or DYI car wash, many chemicals that these washes use are caustic and overly aggressive for automotive finishes, causing further damage and even staining. We still don’t recommend visiting even a touchless wash because of this.

These chemicals are considered to be more aggressive than what is needed to wash your vehicle safely. It is always recommended to hand wash your vehicle using a proper three bucket method, because it will result in less micro-scratching over time and safe removal of dirt and grime.

The biggest misconception with ceramic coated vehicles is that it's okay to use an automatic car wash after your vehicle is ceramic coated because of its durability in paint protection. Unfortunately, no matter the durability of any ceramic coating, they will leave considerable micro-scratches on the coating itself and damage the coating's integrity. The end result will leave scratches just as bad as a non-coated vehicle because of how aggressive the brushes are in automatic car washes. The continuous amount of scratches over time after multiple automatic car washes will reduce the durability of the ceramic coating and will prematurely cause the coating to fail and need to be replaced.

So how should you wash your ceramic coated vehicle? While there are great sources online on how to maintain your ceramic coated vehicle by hand washing, we highly recommend having a professional certified detailer to handle your ceramic coated vehicles because they’re highly knowledgeable on how to apply coatings and to maintain them. With proper care with a certified detailer, they can maintain your coating to last longer than anticipated and to help avoid the coating from premature failure. For example, a coating that can last 5 years with proper maintenance can push beyond 5+ years of protection. Here at Spades Motorsports, we do offer an Unlimited Wash Program dedicated to vehicles that have been ceramic coated to ensure the longevity of your ceramic coating’s finish and performance. For all the details for our Wash Program click here to learn more. Or, attend one of our Training Events to learn all about proper Ceramic Coating After Care.

August 24, 2022

The Most Common Ceramic Coating Questions

What is a Ceramic Coating?

To be technical, a Ceramic Coating is a resin nano technology that chemically bonds to the paint of your vehicle to form a layer of protection and sealant. In plain English, the Ceramic Coating attaches itself to your vehicle’s paint and creates a hardened layer of protection and shine.

How long do Ceramic Coatings last?
With a wide variety of Ceramic Coating products on the market today, from consumer to professional grade, the answer can vary greatly dependant on the product used, preparation process, environment of the vehicle, and maintenance care. Our FEYNLAB coatings are designed to last anywhere from 1 year to 5+ years dpeending on the coating you have installed and how you care for the vehicle. With proper maintenance and care, your coating can absolutely outlive it's warranty period.

What do Ceramic Coatings protect from?
Ceramic Coatings provide outstanding protection from the elements such as UV sunlight damage, oxidation, fading, resists chemicals, mud, and general grime. Your coating will even prevent chemical stains and etching, make cleaning easier and faster, and thanks to the hydrophobic properties, the coating heavily resists chemicals, grime, and contaminants. Our high end professional grade coatings even resist minor swirl marks by creating an ultra slick to the touch surface.

Are there different types of Ceramic Coatings?
There are many different types of Ceramic Coatings, the biggest difference will be if the coating is a consumer grade or professional grade coating. Consumer grade coatings will be easier to use and install -- but will lack the high end protection aspects of a professional grade coating installed by a trained and certified detailer. Overall, a professional grade coating will provide maximum protection and a significantly stronger bond to the paint system. Finally, when installed by a professional, you are backed by manufacturer and installer warranties plus the peace of mind that an expert installed your coating properly.

Do I still have to wash my car?
Absolutely, yes. Ceramic Coatings are not a magic shield and require proper maintenance and care, just as the paint of your vehicle does. Ceramic Coatings will however make the washing process faster and easier than ever thanks to the hydrophobic properties of the coating and the significant chemical resistance. To make this process even easier, we offer an Unlimited Maintenance Wash Program starting at $150/month for all of your coated vehicles. 

What makes your coatings different than other coatings on the market?
We are proud trained and Certified Installers of FEYNLAB Ceramic Coatings. What makes FEYNLAB unique is their nano technology and coating chemistry, in fact, FEYNLAB developed The Original Ceramic Coating for automotive paint protection and has been improving their theories and formulas ever since. Resulting in the world's deepest bonding ceramic nano coatings that achieve incredible durability and high gloss.

July 29, 2022

Protecting Your Wheels and Brake Calipers

Protecting your vehicle's wheels properly can come in several shapes and forms. From waxes to sealants and advanced ceramic coating technology. We specialize in the latter, simply because comparatively the nano chemistry of our ceramic wheel coating is unmatched in terms of durability, protection capability, and performance overall from any traditional waxes, sealants, or even other brands of ceramic coating.

With our Wheel Polishing and Ceramic Coating process, we will bring your wheels to the best possible condition and apply our thickest ceramic coating available. Resisting road grime and stubborn brake dust, cleaning your wheels will be a breeze, and they'll look phenomenal.

The impressive capability of our coating specifically, which is FEYNLAB Wheel & Caliper, is due to the extremely high solids content of the coating, featuring 70% high solids designed to stand up to the daily beating and harsh environment of road contamination and brake dust.

Having FEYNLAB Wheel & Caliper installed ensures protection from the following:

  • Sunlight UV Damage
  • Oxidation
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Minor Scratch and Swirl Resistance
  • Brake Dust and Iron Deposits
  • Road Grime and Dirt
  • High Heat

To find a Spades studio nearest you, visit our Studio Locator page or find an independent FEYNLAB Certified Detailer by clicking here.

July 28, 2022

How often you should wash your coated and non-coated vehicle

Proper washing of any vehicle, whether it be a car, truck, boat, or camper trailer is an essential maintenance process to ensure a lasting finish and for coated vehicles, a well protected finish. Specifically focusing on automotive maintenance, whether your vehicle is coated or not, we have the same wash recommendations and intervals. Having a coated vehicle does NOT mean you never need to wash again, in fact, proper maintenance is vital to ensure your coating is performing optimally. However, our wash recommendations and procedures do not change based on if the vehicle is coated or not, the maintenance process will still remain the same -- although with a coated vehicle this process will be significantly faster and easier due to the chemical resistance of the coating that reduce the need for more aggressive chemicals and wash processes.

So, how often should you wash your car? We typically recommend at least once every two weeks for daily driven vehicles. This will vary depending on the driving environment, parking situation during the day, and storage situation at night.

Regular washing ensures the pores of your paint system and or coating system are cleansed and free of major contamination which prevents etching and other surface defects and damage that can occur when the contaminants are left on the surface for a prolonged amount of time.

For your non-daily driven vehicles that are garage kept, you can safely go one to two months without a wash. However, the dust and air pollutants that are inevitable will eventually build up on the surface and need to be properly removed via a wash process.

Our customers enjoy taking the work out of proper washing with our Unlimited Maintenance Wash Program. This program includes unlimited washing for up to five ceramic coated vehicles to be used at their convenience in any of our studios or by appointment in Las Vegas for mobile service that comes to you. If you live near one of our studios, click here to reach out for pricing and enjoy proper premium hand washing at your convenience.

Feel free to reach us directly at 702-328-5707 or email [email protected] with any questions about proper maintenance for your vehicle. It is always our pleasure to serve you.

February 6, 2022

Should I get a Ceramic Coating or Paint Protection Film?

Ceramic Coatings and Paint Protection Films are the latest technology in automotive paint protection products. If you are considering investing in long term automotive paint protection, you may be wondering if a Ceramic Coating or Paint Protection Film (PPF) is best for you and your car. In this article we will be listing all of the differences, benefits, and how to decide on your protection solution.

Ceramic Coatings Defined

Ceramic Nano Coatings add powerfully durable protection to your paintwork while also enhancing the gloss and eliminating the need for waxing or sealants. With years of protection from UV damage, swirl mark resistance, chemical repellency, and self cleaning properties. Coatings chemically bond to the surface of your vehicle after an in depth paint cleansing and polishing process.

To be technical, a Ceramic Coating is a resin nano technology that chemically bonds to the paint of your vehicle to form a layer of protection and sealant of the paint system. In plain English, the Ceramic Coating attaches itself to your vehicle’s paint and creates a hardened layer of protection and shine. You can learn more about the specifics of ceramic coatings by clicking here.

What does a Ceramic Coating do?

  • Resists chemicals, mud, and general grime
  • Prevents UV damage such as fading and oxidation
  • Prevents (not completely protects from) swirl marks
  • Creates a slick surface with enhanced shine and gloss
  • Prevents chemical stains and etching
  • Makes cleaning simpler and faster, thanks to the hydrophobic properties the coating heavily resists chemicals, grime, and contaminants
  • Eliminates the need for traditional waxes and or paint sealants

How long do Ceramic Coatings last?

With an entire industry behind modern ceramic coatings, there is a massive amount of choices and products on the market. On average, a consumer grade ceramic coating will last 6 months to 1 year. While professional grade ceramic coatings, such as our FEYNLAB Ceramic Coatings, add 3-5+ years of warrantied protection. With proper maintenance and regular details, your coating can last far passed the five year mark and we even offer a Lifetime Coating Membership.

How much do Ceramic Coatings cost?

Consumer grade coatings range from $50-200 when you buy a DYI coating. Professional grade coatings will range from $500-1,000 or more depending on your selection and installer. Our most popular coating is FEYNLAB Ceramic Ultra, which is a 5 Year Warranty Paint Coating. This coating runs at $895 after a proper Paint Correction polishing process has been completed.

Paint Protection Film Defined

Paint Protection FIlm, commonly known as clear-bra or PPF, is a thermoplastic urethane film that is installed to automotive finishes to provide a thick layer of protection that often features self healing abilities from light scratching. Due to the increased thickness of PPF compared to Ceramic Coatings, Paint Protection Film can absorb significant damage such as rock chips, deeper scratching, and swirl marks.

The ultimate benefit of Paint Protection Film is the protection aspect. No other product on the market can protect from rock chips and scratching on this level. Being an actual film, the thickness comapred to a ceramic coating is far greater, resulting in the ability to prevent paint damage.

Outstanding protection against rock chips, scratching, sun damage, and essentially anything the road throws at it -- Paint Protection Film is the ultimate paint protection. With projectile absorption, self healing technology, and chemical resistance, there is no better solution to protecting your vehicle.

How much does Paint Protection Film cost?

Paint Protection Film will be significantly more expensive than any ceramic coating. This is due to a labor intensive process and increased cost of the film itself compared to the liquid resin cost of a ceramic coating. Film Installation requires a highly skilled installer that can properly install the film without causing damage or leaving defects in the film.

Having PPF installed on your entire front end will range from $1,995-2,995 depending on the vehicle. Because of this, Partial Front End installs have become popular, covering the highest at risk areas of the first half of your front end. Partial installs will run in the $1,195-2,000 range, again, depending on the vehicle. Full body film installation will be significantly more expensive, ranging from $6,000-20,000 on average.

Which should I choose?

The great thing about these two protection products is that they work best together. When you combine a full front end or even full body Paint Protection Film with one of our professional grade Ceramic Coatings, you will obtain the highest level of protection and gloss enhancement possible. We generally recommend a full front end PPF install combined with our 5 Year Ceramic Coating on the entire vehicle, including on top of the film. This ensures a uniform gloss and incredibly durable protection on all surfaces of your vehicle.

We would love the chance to earn your business and transform your vehicle with the ultimate automotive protection and cosmetic appearance enhancement products in the world. Start your experience by submitting our contact form here.

July 22, 2021

Do new cars need Paint Correction?

Often known as "buffing," paint correction is the process of refining automotive paintwork using a machine polisher to remove scratching, swirls, fading, and other paint damage. Often times we are asked if a new vehicle needs any polishing or paint correction prior to applying a ceramic coating. The answer is: It can absolutely help create a better appearance but isn't necessarily required.

Even new vehicles will have some amount of scratching in the paintwork due to improper washing methods done by auto dealerships and sometimes even from the factory or transport from the factory to the dealership. Because of this, it is generally a good idea to remove any defects you can prior to having a professional grade ceramic coating installed on your new vehicle.

Furthermore, no detailing process creates as much gloss, clarity, and depth as a proper paint correction process, not even ceramic coatings or waxing. With that in mind -- you may want a minor paint correction done on your new vehicle to enhance the finish to the best possible condition, even if the surface doesn't have much or any scratching/swirl marks.

We have had many customers surprised by how much pearl is actually in their vehicle's paintwork that they simply didn't see before paint correction. Paint Correction does create a better than new gloss and clarity that just cannot be beat by any other method.



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