We're excited to announce that our headquarters studio has been awarded as the Best Detail Center of Las Vegas for the year 2022 by Preferred Mechanic, which is a popular and reputable online platform for finding trusted automotive service professionals around the country.

"We scored 335 Clark County Automotive Detailing experts across a variety of salient criteria, and Spades Motorsports has been recognized as the Top Detail Center in Las Vegas. We want to reward your success and commitment to excellence, so we're placing a ribbon on your profile and quotes." - Klaus Schneider, General Manager, Preferred Mechanic.

Preferred Mechanic leverages Artificial Intelligence to measure performance and see how companies stack up to industry benchmarks by combining customer online reviews, credibility of the reviewers, licenses, accreditations, awards, lack of complaints, and many other factors used to determine their yearly winners for the Best of 2022.

This award shows the dedication, time, and effort we put into making Spades Las Vegas, and all of our studios, a world class experience for the customer and stopping at nothing to ensure you experience the best there is in high end automotive detailing. Thank you to Preferred Mechanic and of course to all of our Las Vegas customers. We can't wait to serve you again soon.